The first Greek racing bike is called the “Chimera”


The Tyfoon MotoRacing team and their Chimera racing bike, as they named the first Greek motorcycle, entered the workshop to make the necessary improvements to be ready for the next MotoStudent competition in Spain in October 2018. The participation of the MotoGP3 250cc engine produced by the students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the School of Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia in 2016 was only the beginning.

The MotoStudent Competition is an international competition among university teams to give students the chance to test their skills as future engineers, giving them great experience by bringing together great personalities in the field and working in truly unique facilities.

The competition is organised by the Moto Engineering Foundation (MEF) at the Aragon track in Spain, where motorcycles are subject to strict professional-level controls.

“Our goal is to design a competitive prototype racing bike, meeting the technical standards set by the regulation, focusing on safety issues”, the head of the project, student Efthimis Pappas, told “104.9fm Agency” radio.

“In the first contest, we managed to get the 9th place of the overall ranking out of the 36 contestants. We are in the final stages where we want to refine our plans.”

“I think it’s a bit harder than Formula one because they do not pay much attention to the competitive track. The whole contest has a number of areas where you have to go well. You present written chapters, you take a test, you make business plans for the production line, make a virtual company with a plan to build 400 motorcycles, and there is a separate chapter on innovation that is an important part and very difficult. We are still working on the innovation part, and we want it to be completed by the summer.”

“The team consists of 24 people, from the second year to the degree. We are divided into 8 groups – areas for better operation. There is a skeleton section that is responsible for the construction of the frame, there is a suspension section that works with the skeleton section, there is the brakes section with the design, analysis, and performance of our disc plates, namely the engine and electric sector, who work together to make the best possible power. We cannot open the engines as they are from the competition. So all our attention is from our electrical, import and export.

We have the sector of aerodynamics which is the manufacture and analysis of the motorcycle and industrial apparel industry engaged in a business plan and production line. Our local society has supported us enough, despite the financial problems. ”

“It is a 250cc motorcycle and we will unveil it to the public within the first fortnight of May.”