Foreign and Interior Ministers briefed Greek Diplomats abroad on the postal voting

Diaspora, Politics

Minister of Foreign Affairs George Gerapetritis and Minister of Interior Niki Kerameus participated in a teleconference regarding postal voting with the Heads of Greece’s Missions abroad on Thursday, February 29.

The two Ministers provided comprehensive information on all matters concerning postal voting and requested the assistance of Greek Missions abroad to inform and facilitate the voters living abroad in the upcoming European elections on June 9.

This marks the fulfillment, for the first time in Greek history, of a longstanding demand of Greeks worldwide, who are now able to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote, without having to travel to Greece or to Embassies and Consulates of the Hellenic Republic, which in many cases are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from their place of residence.

It is noted that Greek residents abroad can exercise their right to vote in the upcoming European elections exclusively through postal voting.

Last week, the online registration platform for postal voting was launched, allowing interested individuals to register up to 40 days before the European elections, namely April 29, using a very simple procedure. Detailed instructions are posted on the websites of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior. Alternatively, voters abroad can register for postal voting in person at the Consular Authorities (Consulates General, Consulates, Consular Offices of Embassies) of Greece abroad.

“The Greek state has fulfilled its duty by lifting the obstacles to the participation of Greeks abroad in the elections,” emphasized the Minister of Foreign Affairs, George Gerapetritis, addressing the heads of Greek Missions abroad. “The endeavor’s success depends entirely on their participation in the electoral process. This is now the stake,” Mr. Gerapetritis added.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs underlined that “postal voting and, generally, voting in the European elections concern all European citizens living either within or outside the EU. Voting is a mindset. We must establish this new mindset.”

The Minister of Interior, Niki Kerameus, stated on her part: “I want to warmly thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our Diplomatic and Consular Authorities. Their crucial contribution to the postal voting project extends to two main pillars: Firstly, in informing voters, so that information reaches every citizen, and secondly, in the support they can provide to voters for their registration on the platform.”

The teleconference was also attended by Deputy Minister of Interior Theodoros Livanios and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Giorgos Kotsiras.